Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly

Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly

Bringing you the authoritative source of objective analyses for the petroleum coke industry.

Since 1983, this service has been widely used to support marketing, purchasing, and strategic decisions by domestic and international producers, marketers, traders, and end users of fuel grade, green and calcined petroleum coke.

Weekly Commodity Price Update - commentary and prices for crude oil, natural gas, aluminum, coal, and dry bulk freight updated weekly.

Prices & Highlights - provides prices and market commentary on a monthly basis for calcined petroleum coke (CPC), green petroleum coke (GPC) blend stock, and fuel-grade petroleum coke.

Monthly Supplements - provide additional detail and analysis beyond the information provided in Prices & Highlights.

  • Global Oil Demand and Coker Economics—Crude supply, refinery product demand and coking economics for U.S. Gulf Coast, U.S West Coast, and Northwest Europe.
  • Fuel-Grade Petroleum Coke—High sulfur and low sulfur fuel grade petcoke price commentary, and supply/demand for multiple sectors and regions.
  • Coal & Natural Gas—Regional prices, news, and commentary.
  • World Steel—Industry news and global production by region and country.
  • Environment—Global environmental news and regulations that impact petroleum coke markets, including EU CO2 Allowances prices and an analysis on the EUA price impact on petroleum coke prices.
  • Calcined Petroleum Coke Markets—Commentary and prices with special focus on the global aluminum industry and its impacts on the calcined petroleum coke market
  • Transportation—Industry news and prevailing rates for inland United States barges and Baltic dry bulk ocean vessels.
  • U.S. Petroleum Coke Trade—Values and volumes of U.S. imports and exports of green (i.e. non-calcined) petroleum coke, CPC, and premium-grade petroleum coke.

Quarterly - Reports are issued mid-quarter and focus on the following basic market components:

  • Production - provides petroleum coke (petcoke) production data for United States and European cokers, and calciner operating rates for U.S. and European CPC producers.
  • Transportation— Industry news and prevailing rates for inland United States barges and various seaborne petroleum coke trade routes.

Web-enabled data - available only to our subscribers, we provide immediate access to petcoke related information, including archived reports, articles, presentations, charts and news via our website

  • PCQ News Update: News and commentary pertaining to issues of particular importance to the petroleum coke industry. 
  • Reports: Quick access to the last three PCQ reports (monthly and quarterly), current and previous month’s Prices & Highlights, and recent Weekly Commodity Price Updates.
  • Data: Current petcoke prices, imports, exports, ocean freight rates, coking/refining economic indicators, commodity prices, and petroleum coke production.
  • Document Library: Archive of PCQ reports and highlights for the last 12 months and an archive of last three years of data in Excel format of petcoke prices, ocean freight rates, refinery economic indicators, commodity prices, and MMBtu based price comparison for petcoke, coal and natural gas.
  • Industry News: a searchable data base showing summaries, hyperlinks and links to news stories and press releases related to the petroleum coke market.
  • U.S. petroleum coke export data in Excel format.
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