Advisian’s Petroleum, Chemicals & Energy Practice develops and provides several software applications, databases, and reporting tools for the refining, pipeline, trucking, rail, and marine industries. Several of these applications assist clients in meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Gasoline Compliance Tracking and Reporting Software

As part of the Clean Air Act of 1990, the U.S. EPA formulated regulations of fuel and fuel additives dealing with standards for reformulated and conventional gasolines sold in the United States. The regulations are complex and the penalties for non-compliance are severe. This makes it imperative for refiners, gasoline blenders, and importers to take advantage of automated tools that will improve accuracy of the flow and tank data measurements and make compliance calculations and reporting as easy as possible.

Key features

  • Follows all EPA regulations regarding fuels reporting
  • California Gasoline Compliance (CARB) Phase 2 and 3 CARBOB Model
  • Gasoline treated as blendstock (GTAB) handling
  • Tracks data from multiple facilities and allows data aggregation
  • Equivalent emission performance calculations
  • Gasoline containing previously certified batches
  • Oxygen and benzene credits
  • Gasoline sulfur
  • Gasoline toxics (MSAT)
  • Extensive management reports
  • Automatic generation of EPA forms
  • Product transfer document
  • Data extraction to spreadsheets

The program also allows the refiner, blender or importer to perform compliance planning at any given time during the year and to maintain the integrity of previous certified batches. Users can enter the necessary data either manually or import the data electronically from a LIMS system, and easily generate reports in the prescribed format, ready for submission to the EPA. PACE-CTR® also allows data transfer via electronic linkage (EDI, spreadsheets or flat files).