Olefins Database

Olefins Database

The Olefins Database is a subscription service that uses modern visualization software to report current and historical data about US steam cracker operations. It provides a factual, detailed basis for the planning needs of natural gas liquids and olefins market participants.

What if it was possible to access data on general feed consumption changes over time? Or compare something as specific as a producer's propylene production by unit from every February since 1994?

Our Olefins Database gives you all of this and more. It contains updated data on US operations, downtimes, feedstocks, and production, by month, detailed to individual operating units since 1988.

And because the Olefins Database is web-based, you can access it across multiple devices anywhere, at any time.

This includes data such as feedslate mix fractions, broken down by percentages of ethane, propane, butane, naphtha, and gas oil per cracker. You can also delve into olefins production for ethylene, propylene, and butadiene. And go as far as accessing feedstock and olefins prices, and ethylene margins and production cash costs.

Advisian Olefins Database.

Helping you make informed decisions

As the only source of comprehensive US cracker data on the market, the Advisian Olefins Database helps you understand the sector’s operations and economics in both their current and historical context. By leveraging our long-standing relationships with producers who give us the information, it you can anticipate market trends and plan better in an ever-changing energy sector that demands agility, innovation, and accuracy.

Where does the olefins data come from?

Our exclusive data comes directly from producers and market intelligence sources. Every month, we use it to generate The Hodson Report, which has been a trusted publication since 1978.

The Hodson Report is the basis for of the Olefins Database, allowing you to access monthly data from 1988 to now.

We use trusted paid sources for costs, pricing, and economics data for feedstocks, co-products, and olefins. And provide this data as part of your subscription purchase.

We also calculate and publish production cash costs and margins for ethylene in the US with our proprietary model, using the purchased pricing data.

What can you do with the Advisian Olefins Database?

Using our dashboards, you can create customized analysis and interact with pre-built data visualizations. These include tables, charts, and graphs that update automatically based on your selections. You can go even further and export your data and visualization to Excel and PowerPoint, or in JPEG or PDF file formats.

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