Market Analysis Studies

Market Analysis Studies

Giving you the information you need to make capital project decisions with confidence.

Rapidly changing feedstock prices. Evolving markets. New products, new competitors, new process routes and new regulations. In this rapidly changing environment, market analysis is the key element that establishes the basis for all capital project decision making.

Our Market Analysis Studies are based on consistent, integrated analysis of energy, the economy, supply/demand, technology and prices. We use integrated economic models built on market fundamentals and engineering expertise, which are maintained by our dedicated market research staff.

Our studies include individual products analysis, market due diligence, market entry assessments, process unit optimizations, and alternate feedstock evaluations.

We cover a broad range of markets and products including:

  • All refined products, fuels, including asphalt and lube oils
  • Petroleum coke, including fuel grade and calcinable petroleum coke
  • All major petrochemicals or petrochemical intermediates and derivatives
  • All major chemicals and specialty chemicals
  • Ammonia, urea, and methanol and its derivatives
  • Gasoline containing previously certified batches
  • Fertilizers
  • Synthetic fuels / FT liquids
  • Natural gas and LPGs
  • Refinery upgrading requirements to meet changed product demands
  • Biofuels and bio-mass

Our consulting services related to markets include:

  • Independent Market Consultant (IMC) services
  • Supply / demand analysis and forecasts
  • End-use application analysis
  • Export market identification and trade flow analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Production economics and cost benchmarking
  • Cost competitiveness analysis
  • Historical pricing and margin analysis
  • Price forecasting and scenario analysis
  • Target market identification
  • Market Strategy