Carbon risk management for the refining sector

How can the refining industry thrive in the energy transition? The Advisian Carbon Risk Index Service (ACRIS) helps refiners navigate the dynamic risks and opportunities in a world transitioning to low‑carbon energy.

Refiners will soon face a very different set of circumstances to their operating environment today. They will need to respond to permanent changes in demand for a range of products, as well as changing input costs, environment regulations and social license expectations. How can refiners anticipate these changes, and respond successfully?

The ACRIS score is a dynamic, multi-variable risk model that helps you navigate a decarbonizing refining industry. It shows the risk profile of standardized types of facilities through five key risk areas: carbon intensity of operations, regional geopolitical context, regulations and climate ambitions, market trends, and climate change.

You can use the ACRIS score to identify, manage, and disclose climate and transition risks.

ACRIS also includes hydrogen pricing and CO2 abatement curves models you can adjust through interactive dashboards, to help you calculate the cost of hydrogen and apply it to your business models and scenarios.

The refining sector is set for a sweeping transformation. Plan the success of your refining operations at every stage of the energy transition with ACRIS.

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